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boat stone 1000 bluetooth speaker

Boat stone 1000 – Excellent Bluetooth speakers!

Is the boat stone 1000 really made up of one thousand stones? Of course not…..  They didn’t write stones. They wrote stone. A singular stone. So


Carl Pei – MKBHD reveals the actual design of Oneplus Nord

Carl Pei has officially revealed the Oneplus Nord design in his recent podcast and on video with MKBHD. Snippets of the whole waveform podcast were

XPG d60g rgb ram memory modules

XPG Spectrix D60G RGB memory review

So the XPG d60g ram kit was sent recently to me for reviewing purposes and as I already owned a pair of xpg spectrix d40

asus max pro m1 moto old phone vs new

Why super-budget phones fail in long term usage

  Because I am such a smart a## who believes I can see the future. I sold my samsung note 9 for an upgrade. And

tech pandemic corona covid 19

How is Tech helping in the fight against COVID-19

Hope you are reading this inside your homes. And not while taking a walk outside. Or even if you are outside to get some essentials and