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Are you getting videos on Netflix with sound problems when watching TV shows, anime, movies, or other content? This issue can be faced in different forms. If you don’t want the entertainment experience to get ruined due to sound problems, this post is worth reading.

While watching streaming content on Netflix, there is a possibility to deal with several Netflix audio problems. The reasons and their respective potential solutions differ. Let’s find out what the most common sound issues are and how to fix them in minutes.

Audio Messed Up

Poor quality of streaming can mess up Netflix audio. To get the best quality content, you will require a stable internet connection. Another possible reason may include the Netflix settings to a reduced limit than what is recommended.

For streaming quality content in video playback, you can choose from low, auto, and medium options. The audio may be messed up when not optimized. You might get poor-quality sound. WiFi interference could also lead to noise interference in the background.  

Low Voice of the Video

When you hear the low sound, it could be due to some irrelevant changes in the audio settings of your device. Hence, first, try turning the volume up initially and check if it is now providing loud audio.

If there is anything wrong with the audio settings of your device, you will hear a low sound. Adjust the audio options to Stereo or Linear PCM when using any assistive device such as a headset.

Video With No Sound

If you are seeing a video on Netflix but not getting any sound, it could be a problem with the content available in your region. So, you can try to watch Netflix from other countries via VPNs as one of the solutions. But the problem could be with your device also.

Getting no audio when there is no issue is video could be due to accidentally turning down the volume. So, check it and turn the volume up. On Windows browsers for Mac, close all the apps or tabs interfering with the audio. Disable malware or antivirus software if you’re using it.

Out of Sync Sound and Video

One of the common Netflix audio problems is getting Netflix’s audio out of sync with the video. The responsible factor for this might be an issue with the title you want to watch or your device itself. A software bug also doesn’t allow audio and video to sync.

The bug could be in the operating system or the application. It relies on users’ devices. As a fix, you can try restarting Netflix. On an iOS device, click Netflix in Settings. Now, turn on Reset. If it doesn’t allow synchronization, update the Netflix app.

Choppy Audio Sound

Netflix audio may cut out when you’re trying to stream any content. Internet buffering could make you encounter this issue. Distorted, stuttering, high-pitched, or choppy sound could be due to flaws in the content or your device or poor audio settings.

This sound problem is mostly experienced on Roku, PC, Smart TV, Smartphone, or Apple TV. An unstable internet makes the audio system download data prior to playing the video. Other reasons are security software errors, Bluetooth interference, or server problems.

Static or Hissing Sound

This audio issue is most commonly faced by Windows PC users who depend on audio drivers to get output audio. Whenever you hear hissing or static audio while watching movies or TV shows, you would have to update your device.

Make sure that your Windows PC is running the latest audio drivers. If it is not so, get the proper audio driver based on your CPU configuration. If you’re using the appropriate driver, fix the corrupted driver. You may also try changing the audio settings.

5.1 Surround Sound

If you own a receiver supporting Dolby Digital Plus, you can enjoy titles in 5.1 surround sound. You may also require 3.0 megabits per second or a much faster connection speed. If you are not listening to 5.1 surround sound despite meeting these needs, check the audio settings.

Choose the 5.1 compatible option if the audio output settings are applied to Linear PCM or stereo. For the adjustment of these settings, you can approach the device’s manufacturer. Also, ensure that your device supports the 5.1 audio.


These are the common sound issues generally experienced by Netflix users. The troubleshooting tips for various problems vary based on your device. For example, to fix the sound issue on Smart TV, you can try restarting your TV.

You could also try unplugging and reinserting the cables. Similarly, PC users can go for updating the audio driver, PC audio settings adjustments, or modify audio settings. If everything functions properly, you should end up with Netflix working.



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