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Is the boat stone 1000 really made up of one thousand stones? Of course not….. 

They didn’t write stones. They wrote stone. A singular stone. So maybe it’s just stoned. 

What truly intrigued me about it, is its sheer size. It is huge as compared to any other cheap or budget Bluetooth speakers we go for. In the box, you get a warranty card, 1 USB cable, and one 2 way 3.5 mm jack cable to use it without Bluetooth, and nothing else. You have to buy the speaker separately. And yes that was a bad one.

When compared to my older Bluetooth speaker, this was at least 5 times its size. And for a price not more than twice of it. The speaker has two 14W channels effectively making it a 28W speaker. Because 14 into 2 is 28 watts…

It has these soft buttons on the right which can play and pause the music. Increase and decrease the volume. Can shift tracks and power off and on the speakers too of course. And an M key to change input. The M key can help you change modes to Bluetooth or to the aux cable. Also holding it can unpair the device from its Bluetooth connection if you are someone who doesn’t like switching off Bluetooth from your phone as ughhhh that is so much work.

On the play button, there is the light hidden underneath. Which is hidden to obviously make it waterproof? But due to which it is quite dim actually. Now you would think because it has an ipx5 rating it is both water and shock-resistant. WRONG.

Boat carefully wrote these phrases together but having ipx5 ratings means that it is protected against tap water but doesn’t have any certifications regarding shock or anything. So before you shock the hell out of it – just stop it right there. Now this beasty sized Bluetooth speaker is surely heavy as it weighs more than 1 kilogram and this flexible plastic grip is a nice touch to it. Especially when you just love carrying suitcases. What? You don’t love carrying suitcases? Of course, I knew that. This isn’t a suitcase anyway. 

Flipping and opening the aux area was a bit of a hassle. But if you plan to use it in a shower then that’s actually a good thing. A good thing because only one of you is going to get wet from the insides. 

There are 2 rubber grips on the bottom to make the speaker grippy of course. The speaker overall looks nice too and the textured plastic finish on the sides is not tacky at all. Ok now the speaker usually costs around 2500 to 3000 on amazon. And as I was wondering how to compare its sound quality, I came across this cheap speaker which costs as low as 800 rupees in Chandni chowk from a brand known as isonix. They have some of their products on Amazon too. 

And surprisingly for the price this cheaper speaker actually sounds really really good. I mean if you have a budget of 800 rs then I don’t think there would be a better speaker than this if you can put the efforts of going to the market yourself for hunting this one. So I thought why not just compare it against the more premium and refined product which boat is trying to sell here. 

So this speaker has all the nitty-gritty features on it but that’s not important. I mean the buttons and overall build of the isonix speaker were clearly not that good when compared to the boat too. But what’s more crucial here is that the boat stone 1000 costs at least approx 3 times of isonix on deal days. And on nondeal days, it can cost 4 times or more than the sonic. So this made it very crucial for me to check if the speaker really deserves its high price compared to isonix. I mean to some extent the cost should be justified for the boat

Let’s just quickly compare the sound of both of these speakers on bluetooth before I give my conclusion. Ok, the isonix speaker did really surprise me for its sound quality, but what I gotta say is boat is definitely better. It is definitely at least 20-30% louder than isonix and the bass also just feels way more refined on the boat.

But the highs and the mids on the boat were just fine. I am not saying they were bad or claiming I am a pure audiophile, but I believe I can’t really complain here about them much seeing how good the overall package is. So for those thumpy party songs, this device will really perform as one the best bluetooth speaker in this price segment. Especially if there are 7-8 people in that party room of yours.

The boat also has a massive 3000 mah battery in it as compared to isonix 1000 mah, which is an excellent advantage. On normal volumes of approx 70 to 80% it was able to give me somewhere around 7 hours of usage which is pretty darn impressive. It takes 4 hours to charge though.

There are some bad customer reviews on battery though. So my advice is as soon as you receive the product, use it a lot in the first few days and during the return window. I know sometimes some manufacturers or factories from where they get their products, they put old or refurbished batteries inside the product. Now I am not saying boat intentionally does this, but this could happen anywhere in the supply chain.  So if in the first few days of your testings it shows a battery backup of less than 2-3 hours on 70% volume, then kindly get a replacement for sure. 

So to sum up investing in boat against isonix’s way cheaper speakers, what all you truly get are these things. Better built quality, better sound, protection from water, better battery backup, hopefully better customer support and a better girlfriend… no sorry. So is it still better to invest more than 3 times in boat rather than finding other cheap alternatives? 

Hell yeah if you need more worth from your money. See, there is nothing wrong with the cheaper isonix too. But scaling up to rupees 2000 and more for a bluetooth speaker totally depends on your usage and how much more thrilling sound you need. If you are happy with the sound of a cheaper speaker which has good sound, there is nothing in the world that will push you in buying a more expensive speaker, unless and until you have a buttload of useless cash to invest in somewhere.

But the one problem with boat is that right now they can cost you as upward as two thousand five hundred and even 3000 on few days. They are a frigging steal at a price below 2 thousand 500. But if you see them cost 3000 right now as due to covid logistics have become expensive, I would say they are still a good buy as there are hardly any alternatives in the 3000 price segment. I mean there are some sonys and some jbls, but no way they are gonna sound as loud as this one because of the sheer size of its drivers. 

If buying a speaker is not urgent and if it costs more than 3000 right now, wait for it to drop a little. Here’s the purchase links:

**Buy from Amazon:

**Buy from Flipkart:

That’s all for today humans. MuBot out.



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