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Logitech G502 X Plus Wireless

So the Logitech G502 X has a few different SKUs. The price increase from wired to wireless is so drastic that it makes the RGB option feel more value for money – if you are anyway getting the wireless one.

That is if you don’t mind it eating up more battery – as no light can light up without consuming energy.

Physical overview 

The mouse mostly has a matte finish over it. So it can easily avoid your filthy fingerprints. In my opinion, it looks sexy with the super ultra-edgy design it adapts. As apparently that’s what the future truly is.

If it would have been slightly more edgy, then it might have just become a good knife-like utility for your kitchen. But throughout my usage, my hand never really felt any edgy part of the mouse.

Overall the mouse feels lighter and can feel cheap. But I assure you that despite your flawed feelings – it’s pretty darn sturdy. 

The RGB LED design has also been implemented quite nicely and beautifully. The whole area has been carved inside beautifully and I really like how refreshing the design feels.

The PTFE feet underneath the black mouse give the impression of the mouse having white sports shoes under it. Which you can sadly never see while using the mouse. Unless your mouse pad and table underneath are transparent and you have really long arms, with the ability to work from under the desk.

The grooves around the thumb area grips the thumb really well. The same grip is on the right too.

There are 9 buttons on the mouse so this should satisfy your butt-y desires.

Apart from this the scroll wheel also has 2 different ways of working. So it can do more assigned tasks when you tilt the wheel right or left. 

These buttons behind the scroll wheel are a little too protruding. The back of my index finger has always felt it in many instances, as I used the mouse more and more. 

I also deeply despise how these buttons click and sound. It makes the mouse feel like a cheap Chinese street mouse. Oh wait…(show made in china)

With the mouse, you get a USB-A to USB-C charging cable.

And with the help of this dongle, you can make the charging cable as an extension cable too. 

The 2.4 GHz adapter can be stored underneath the mouse, behind this nice flippy round lid. That sticks really well to the mouse with its power of magnetism. But it did make me wonder if having a simpler mechanism here would have really helped in reducing the weight of the mouse. 

The sniper button is reversible but I kept hitting it accidentally. Especially when I took my hand off the mouse and moved it back on it. Now you can totally cover it up with an extra non-clickable button.

Or you can just disable it. BUT BUT BUT – you might just love it too.

Now in games, obviously, you can use it and the mouse will automatically choose the lowest dpi setting in the software. No idea why windows show the wrong dpi value notification though.

But if you are a point pusher aka modeler, and do a lot of stuff that is similar to 3D modeling, then sometimes having this same utility to move certain vertices slowly can really help.

Wow – did I just kill the fun factor from a gaming mouse by explaining that part?

I honestly never thought I’d love this feature so much – but I do now even when I keep hitting it sometimes. 

Grip & Comfort

Comfort wise I now just love the shape of the XPG alpha wireless mouse, which I reviewed recently. Due to the extra width of the XPG mouse around the right-hand side, my ring and pinky finger just feel more relaxed over it as compared to the Logitech. 

That said I wouldn’t claim the Logitech is any less comfortable. But the difference was easily felt after using both of them for a few days alternatively.

But this shape and size are definitely meant to be used with larger hands. 

Sensor & Lift off distance

The sensor and switches used on the mouse have also been upgraded. The DPI range is up to 25000 now. But I have never really understood this DPI rat race. I mean who are they making these ultra-fast sensors for? And if it’s about the bandwidth that can capture even the slightest motion for that ultra-precision – well then I hope you are THAT good with your gaming skills. 

To measure the maximum lift-off distance we have to account for the feet height that is below the sensor too. Which is something I can’t measure as I can’t really pull out the feet of someone else’s very expensive mouse. 

So in my very plain, card stack testing – with 1 card under the mouse which is about 0.27mm – the sensor obviously worked. With the 2 cards stacked under the mouse, at 0.55mm the sensor again worked. But with the 2 cards and 1 masking tape under it – which lifts off the mouse to about 0.76mm – the sensor hit its limitations and the mouse didn’t work. 

Logitech has put a really detailed video for this sensor where they obviously go all gaga over it. So if you want to get more educated about the sensor – go and watch that video. I bet you wouldn’t.

The switches have also been upgraded. They are now a hybrid of optical and mechanical properties. But they do have a nice clicky feel to them. The actuation force feels perfect too. 

The scroll wheel supports both stepped increments and infinity scroll too. The stepped increment mode does need slightly stronger force than what I typically like. And if you use both modes alternatively every once in a while – then the totally free spinning scroll v/s the stepped scroll, will definitely make you feel as if you are putting in more energy in scrolling than your weak body is used to.

Sound test at 5:35

Despite the heavy price, the mouse doesn’t support adjustable weights. I guess that’s because it might just appear to be on the heavier side as the mouse weighs around 105 grams.

But I am also pretty sure that many gamers now game with 90-100 gram wireless mice these days. The convenience of wireless always outweighs a wired, but a lighter mouse. See what I did there?

But with this series, Logitech does know that this isn’t a mouse for ultra-serious FPS gamers. And it might lure in other sorts of gamers. 

Also according to Rtings the mouse has a remarkably low latency response from the sensor and from the buttons on it. I mean the numbers there clearly indicate that this is 1 of the best wireless mice out there. If the weight and size aren’t an issue for you.

So when it comes to gaming, my casual gaming hands and brain couldn’t really find any flaw with the mouse. I mostly test all the mice I review in counter strike go death matches, and the response as per my skill set was satisfactory. I also didn’t feel the weight to play any major con here. Also, the button’s response felt very apt with the perfect amount of actuation force. Neither too light nor too strong.

I am pretty sure a lot of RPG gamers who use a ton of macro commands would have ample fun with these many buttons on the mouse. 

For me, the battery lasted for about 5 days with these LEDs always on at max brightness. That is when I used the mouse every day for 6-7 hours. So it does match what Logitech claims on the product page. Without these LEDs turned on you can push 3 times more battery life. But honestly tell me is there anyone who would get them and not use them?

The mouse can be used as it’s being charged – with no major noticeable difference in terms of its performance. This mouse is also compatible with Logitech powerplay mousepad. That means if you use one then you should not worry about charging the mouse for, like, forever.


The software can help you customize the mouse lighting with a bunch of presets and animations to go with them. I also quite liked the fact that you can set up to 8 different LED zones. And the selection style was quite intuitive too. Even though I swear that I am never gonna customize RGB lights on any of my mice. 

You can assign up to 5 DPI settings and set them in multiples of 50. The light next to the scroll wheel also changes its colors based on the DPI you have selected. 

You can’t adjust the angle snapping but by default, it works quite naturally. So I am okay with that.

Inside the assignments menu, you can assign a whole lot of stuff to any of the buttons on the mouse. And don’t forget to click on view 2 for the buttons on the sides. I just loved assigning the play/pause media to the G9 button. And volume up and down to the scroll left and right tilts. I guess I am just a basic human with basic needs.

But I guess apart from these commands, you can’t really add more options inside the software. Do correct me if I am wrong. Even though I am never wrong. 


So the mouse is pretty darn expensive and I am someone who wouldn’t put my personal money in. First of all, if you are buying the wired version then this discussion becomes something else. And if you are going for the wireless version then getting the non-RGB one to save pennies just doesn’t make sense. 

For example

Now I am extremely thrifty. So even when this mouse could just be one of the best mice out there in terms of its performance and overall wireless latency – I would rather prefer paying half the money for an alternative that might be 10-20% slower. 

Because I am not such a fast gamer – anymore, I am okay with saving half of my money for a slightly slower mouse. The weight of the mouse clearly won’t interest a lot of FPS gamers anyway. Or to people who compete professionally so there’s that too. 

But the overall utility of the mouse is solid and I am pretty sure a lot of existing G502 series users might just not mind putting their money in for an upgrade. I personally would like to see it sell for around 8000 rupees or 100 US dollars. I think that pricing might just help Logitech sell these like hotcakes. Or cold mice. 

So if you end up choosing this or any of the other G502X’s and want to support my efforts on this video – then you can buy from the affiliate links in the description below. 

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So take care humans. MuBot with no memory of his Xs – out.



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