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So back when I purchased the firestick 4k after a lot of thought as I was pretty happy with the TV’s own Netflix and youtube apps. But it was without any voice recognition. So I was looking around for a concrete guide that can share all or most of the voice commands a fire stick can do. Couldn’t find one. So here it is.

“Open Netflix

You have to choose a user account, the very first time you switch on the firestick in the day. 

“Play bojack”

And it will play. 

Now if you press home and wanna go back to it you can simply say. 

Play bojack on Netflix

And it will open and play the show. 

Other global apps like youtube, prime video, netflix etc are easy to run via the voice commands. 

But for example, if you want to run this Jio tv app(or any regional TV app), you have to go into:
Open settings – Go to language and settings and choose English India or your app’s regional language. 

Now speak:

Open Jio TV” and tada it opens

Same with open ZEE 5.

Similarly you can say:

“Open YouTube

“Open movies

“Open tv shows”

“Open apps”

One of the best features of the the firestick 4k voice remote is that I can now easily skip the timeline of most of the video content I am playing. So for example.

“Move forward 5 minutes on Netflix/YouTube”

“Move backwards 5 minutes”

“Next previous episode”

I have no idea how did I manage to live without these features earlier on my TV. 

You can also play songs or certain playlists on youtube and prime music. 

“Play this song on prime music”

“Play <song name>on YouTube”

“Play top 40 us music from YouTube”

“Play some music on YouTube”

“Play some music on prime music”

Play some rock songs on YouTube

“Play some rock on Amazon music”

“Show me some cookies recipes on YouTube”

“Play US top 40”

“Play the music I heard yesterday/last”

As you can see, Most famous titles are right there on the homescreen, including your last played or most played titles and apps. 

“Play madmen” and it will ask you via which app if you are subscribed to more than 2 and they include the same title. 

“Search for comedies”

“Show me romantic movies”

Strangely, Amazon’s own – Open prime video app command doesn’t work. lol?

You can also ask questions related to movies and shows and the fire-stick will find an answer. 

“What are the top movies of 2019”

“What are the top shows Netflix”

“What’s is the gymkhana files”

“What’s the rating of breaking bad?”

“Was game of thrones a good show?”

“Who is brad Pitt?”

For news or news apps you can try saying:

“What’s the news today” – and it will open the default app amazon chose itself and start playing it. 

What’s trending today” – will show what’s trending. Can I get more obvious?

“Play news” – will open YouTube news or India today

I tried many times but it won’t open Al Jazeera news app even if you tried screaming from mt. Everest. But why would you do that? Who does my math?

I tried asking a variety of questions and I will try to wrap up this as fast as possible:

“What’s the weather?”

“Show my last purchases”– doesn’t work in India. 🙁

“What’s on my calendar?”

“How’s the traffic outside?”

“What’s the news today?”

“Download hotstar app”

“How much is 2+2*5*6/6?”

What’s the score right now?” – will show you score of most famous sport I guess.

“How tall in mt. Everest?”

“What’s your age?”

“What’s the forecast in New York?”

“Was there any earthquake today?”

“Add to my shopping list”

Add a reminder is not supported.

“What’s the population of Japan?” Crore in India and millions in US English.

“What’s the distance between Maryland and new York?”

*Distance between Jupiter and Mars”

“Flight time between Delhi to new York”

Set an alarm not supported – because use your frigging phone for that.

And the most important command of them all. 

M.U.B.O.T. – Woohoo it even found my channel on YouTube.

And a bonus command for you who stayed till the end.

“What can I say”

Yeah, I evilly kept this one for the end. 😀 MuBot out.



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