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JBL clip 3 can do 3 clips and that summarizes the review.

No wait. I keed.

Don’t let this color fool you. This is not mine. But my sister’s. And even she didn’t have a choice when she was buying one. So yeah, hold on to your judgmental horses. 

The overall design language of the speaker is pretty slick, I like it except for the fact that the JBL logo could have been easily put at the back and not just abruptly protrude in the front. But then how would JBL show that this is a JBL product.

The speaker grill feels like a mix of fabric and metal structure. There’s a mesh underneath it to possibly protect it from water. There’s a volume down and up buttons with a play button which also acts as a pause button. 

It can also pick and disconnect an ongoing call like other trillion bluetooth speakers. They are quite protruding so you can actually use them without looking at your speaker, specially with shampoo all over your eyes. 

The buttons and their actions behaved pretty promptly and I actually didn’t have to wait as much as with the other bluetooth speakers I have tested. There’s a lag of at most 1 second which is expected. The clip is made of metal with rubber underneath it. 

The back has a feel which is more towards plastic and less towards rubber. And this exclamation mark in between these grooves represents something which I will share ahead. The back also has 2 buttons to power it on and off and to help with connecting it to the bluetooth of your device for the first time.

The best part of the buttons on the speaker is that you don’t need to hold them for long to power it on or off. Just a tap and that will work. I hate holding buttons for long. I think the design is mainly aimed at those who are more into compact bluetooth speakers which look decent enough to carry around and the clip is something which I am trying to figure out a purpose for.

You can definitely hook to your pocket pants, and become a new age modern disk jockey, without a disk and possible with or without a jockey under the pants. And bags, hook it to your bags. The lightweight doesn’t make you feel you are carrying anything extra truly. 

Or hang it next to your drying cloth lot so that it can also entertain your bored wet clothes. But one huge drawback to this design is that you must forget to ever make it stand upright. It can either lie flat on the surface or get clipped. Portability was its main pursuit and not standing ovations. The speaker is lightweight, has an output power of 3.3 watts and battery claim of about 10 hours as it holds an impressive 1000 mah battery inside. The Bluetooth version is 4.1 so the Bluetooth latency lag wouldn’t be much noticeable as I hope no one is going to game with this anyway. 

The speaker comes with an ipx7 rating and that means bathing with it shouldn’t cause any problems. But ipx7 also means you can’t throw strong splashes of water on it. Just the light ones. Immersions for about 30 minutes should work just fine but I hope you are not going to have a party under the ocean with this thing until you are Aquaman or something and if you are then why don’t you tell me what do you use down below and not waste your time watching these obsolete surface technologies eh?

But do remember these ratings don’t vouch for the warranty the device comes with. The device came with a short micro usb cable to charge it with, use your own charger and a 3.5 mm jack in case you want to save its battery by plugging it in directly to the source. 

The mic on speaker was really good when I made a call via it and I was pleasantly surprised how clear the vocals were on it. They truly impressed me a lot. 

The sound is quite balanced and bass is as heavy as a speaker this size could produce. You can definitely hear more instruments and tones when put it next to your ear. I mostly listen to trance and the speaker produced quite satisfactory bass levels. I would say not extremely thumpy but kinda at a level where I was satisfied with the sound. The improve it more you can always put in around a shallow area or a corner to get marginally more thump. Check the sound sample in the video above.

But boy oh boy is it loud or something. This tiny speaker and its max volume might just surprise you too. It filled my living room easily at max volume. So 10/10 for that for the size it comes with. It’s like a perfect sound level to have around 5-6 people. If you don’t have an alternative on that particular occasion.

The bluetooth range was pretty good too. I was standing some good 30-40 meters away from the speaker and the connection showed NO sign of weak connection. I feel for the price the quality of the device is pretty fair. I would obviously appreciate a slightly lower price tag more but the quality of sound, the almost almost negligible bluetooth 4.1 lag, the max volumes, no distortion, and even the 2 way call quality – truly impressed me. 

Guess those reviews on amazon etc are not fake at all. Consumers are truly happy with it. Reliable or not – well that’s something you can comment on till you use it for some months. It’s a good product and worth investing in if you have these specific requirements of bathing with a speaker which is pretty loud and looks good whilst you stare at it…..during a bath?

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That’s all for today. MuBot out.



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