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The MSI Clutch GM11 RGB gaming mouse is a pretty interesting mouse from MSI as it challenges a lot of budget but good wired mice here. 

The first huge and apparent feature is this huge RGB lit MSI logo. The design of the mouse is symmetrical so all the left-handed people can scream in joy with 1 more option out there.

The material finish of the mouse is this noisy matte-ish material that looks and feels good. The right-hand grip is a little rougher than the overall mouse and hence a bit less slippery. Because of the placement of the side buttons, it will be hard to click them accidentally. But I can never have enough faith in our ultra-smart human race. But the thumb would definitely need to travel a little to reach and click them.

There’s also 1 DPI shift button on the top and it is quite engraved in so the chances of mishitting it will be very rare. But this also means that if you need to swiftly click it and change the DPI of the mouse at super sonic speed – you can’t.

The USB dongle has quite an edgy design like the overall mouse. The cable is sufficiently long and non-braided. But it doesn’t matter. It’s just a cable and the mouse is wired so it’s only a wire in the end. 

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On the bottom, there is again an MSI logo for some reason and the mouse feet are nothing special. This is how moving the mouse on a basic cloth mouse pad sounds like. 

The mouse weighs around 89 grams which is about 3.13 ounces. As compared to the other mice I use, this definitely felt lighter to me. 

The mouse has a PMW-3325 optical sensor on it which is quite good and can be found on most of the good budget mice options. The mouse has a 1000Hz polling rate which I tested on a website and I was able to see these numbers there, so yeah, they definitely ain’t lying. 

The mouse can go from 100 dpi to 5000 dpi and more on this later. The mouse has only 1 year of warranty which won’t look good on it especially for those who know how much Logitech gives on their mice right now. 

The Omron switches of the buttons felt pretty nice and their actuation felt pretty speedy. In a direct comparison to the Logitech G304 the buttons actually felt much refined and stabilized on the GM11. The wheel has very little friction on it and the tactical response is very light too. 

This is how the mouse measures roughly across its curvy ambidextrous body.  And here are the dimensions of my hand.

The size immediately felt quite small for my hand. So fit and comfort-wise, if I had to compare the GM11 with my other 2 mice, the Steelseries Rival 110 was most comfortable, and then comes the Logitech G304, and then comes the MSI GM11. If I was comfortable with claw grip mice then I would have almost made this mouse behave like one. 

But I would be wrong too if I called this a claw grip mouse. For considerably smaller hands, this can be used as a palm grip mouse but in my case, it definitely failed to do so. As I generally prefer palm grips more than anything else.

The MSI logo on the top and the base of the mouse glows quite nicely with all sorts of RGB lighting effects over it. But the strip on the base felt brighter than the MSI logo on the top. Overall, having these lighting effects look nice and can bring you no harm if you love RGB peripherals overall.

The RGB can be controlled via the mouse itself and the dragon center software too. There are quite some shortcuts to control the lighting speed, pattern, and brightness via the mouse only. Which could be pretty handy if you just feel like changing the RGB on the fly.

The Dragon center software is quite heavy if you just use this mouse as the only MSI peripheral attached to your system. And the long terms and conditions do make me curious to read them but let’s just be honest. Nobody got time for that. 

You can obviously adjust the many lighting patterns and can also adjust the polling rate here. And you can also customize the keys to some extent in the software. The dpi shift button can store up to 5 settings on it. But sadly you can only adjust the custom dpi in increments of 100 only, which will definitely be a bit of a letdown for many. 

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So overall a pretty solid mouse for its price but sadly doesn’t quite fit right in my hand. But it’d be stupid to assume that even your hand might not like it. If your hands are of smaller measurements than my hand then you can really have ample fun with the mouse for its price. Do note that the warranty on this is 1 year but I think that’s okay for its price. I will make sure to post its amazon links in the description.

Stay safe humans. That’s all for today. MuBot out.



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